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Managing People online courses 2018

Our popular Managing People, Online Course will run six times in 2018. The Managing People, Online Course will help you develop the personal and professional skills needed for effective people management and leadership. The course will cover the essential concepts, tools and models used to manage people. Award: Certificate of completion Delivery: 6 eLearning modules to be completed over 6 […]

Recruitment: eLearning Instructional Designer

eLearning Instructional Designer SHRC produce bespoke, high-quality learning materials across a spectrum of delivery methods including face-to-face, blended learning and fully online courses. We develop highly effective eLearning and performance support solutions to deliver valuable skills and awareness training through meaningful, engaging, and motivating learning experiences. Our team of learning specialists and instructional and graphic […]

Audio and eLearning

Audio narration is often a key feature in eLearning courses, but can be tricky to create. This blog post looks at some helpful principles to create an effective voiceover, as well as some practical tips to get started. Audio narration in eLearning courses can be difficult to get right. Audio narration is often seen to […]

eLearning in the Healthcare Industry

eLearning has obvious advantages for large organisations that need to continually update their workforce’s skills. It’s a scalable and relatively inexpensive form of training; it allows for asynchronous learning, and advances in mobile learning has made it more accessible than ever before. These benefits are all relevant to hospitals and healthcare institutions, which must work […]

Designing to Motivate

It can be difficult for learners to stay motivated in an online learning environment, without the support of a teacher or classmates. This article argues that we shouldn’t think of drive and motivation as purely intrinsic traits; instead, a well-designed course should be able to tap into a learner’s personal sense of drive, and motivate […]

Learning Through Online Discussion Forums

The use of online discussion forums as a collaborative learning tool has been widely and successfully used in eLearning for a number of years. It is generally accepted that the educational potential of online discussions is tremendous. Through active involvement in these discussions students report the benefit of an increase in their learning. A number […]

Standards for Mobile Learning

Mobile learning can be described as the delivery of learning through mobile devices. It is typically defined by either the learner’s experience, or the technologies which enable the learning. Mobile learning has developed from text messaging (SMS) to offering rich multimedia learning experiences. Mobile devices are mainly smartphones and tablets, with a growing interest on […]

Is there added value in investing in good people management?

In a nutshell good people management is about achieving success in a way that benefits both the organisation and it’s employees. A win-win Good people management gives the organisation has the advantage of an engaged, productive and energised workforce and the employee enjoys a satisfying, rewarding and positive work life. The real benefit though, lies […]

The benefits of eLearning

A look at the benefits various eLearning technologies and courses can offer to individuals and organisations. eLearning Technology Learning Management System (LMS) technology offers a modern solution to making a wide range of eLearning materials accessible to the workforce. It can help eliminate disruption by allowing staff to study the materials at their own pace […]

Online course, Managing People, 11 May 2016

Our most popular course, Managing People, is a fresh approach to developing front-line managers. This online course helps new and existing managers develop the essential skills to manage people better. Supported by our online facilitator, you will discover the fundamentals of good people management and learn how to transfer your new skills to the workplace. […]